The Good Will Rise to the Top

Jun 27, 2023

There is this old saying that states: “The cream always rises to the top.”

In a literal sense, this means that when you let milk that has not been treated sit for a while, the cream will separate from the rest of the milk and form a layer at the top.

In a metaphorical sense, this is used to imply that “the best will always rise, persevere, and shine over time. Those people with the greatest talent, work ethic, and determination will eventually ascend to the top ranks and stand out above all others.”

I think that this phrase—the cream always rises to the top—can be tweaked a bit to apply to the healing process, and that tweak would read as this:

“The Good Always Rises to the Top,” which means that the benefits and blessings in healing will eventually separate from the difficulties of the process and rise to the forefront of your existence, leaving you healthier, happier and stronger.

This week we are talking about how to survive the “mix” that is the withdrawal/healing process: the confounding, often confusing mix of symptom and improvement, pause and forward movement, challenge and encouragement, fear and confidence.

The healing process is non-linear, but it can also seem downright “multiple personality” at times, changing in feeling and appearance even within the course of a day or hour. And this can be exhausting for a person as we try to stay steady throughout the storm, I know, but today please focus on the truth that eventually the rocky turbulence will settle down.

Eventually, if a person remains steadfast in faith and self-care, the good of the process always rises above the difficulties, leaving only healing.

Eventually the symptoms give way to bodily strength and greater mental clarity and calm.

Eventually the personal demons and “devils on the shoulder” give way to greater confidence and resoluteness in lifestyle.

Eventually the spiritual struggles refine and grow your soul, leading to a closer relationship with God.

And eventually, those days where you felt as if you “couldn’t enjoy anything” allow you to have a never-ending and helpful appreciation for all of the “little things” in daily life that you are once again able to enjoy.

The struggles lead to personal growth, and the self-care routines that were once in the category of “coping” transform into the pillars of a healthy lifestyle that honors and nurtures your body, mind, and soul.

If things have been difficult lately for you—if the “mix” has seemed to consist of more pain than encouragement—don’t worry. The good will rise to the top.

Every week counts. Every day counts. Every effort counts.

If you remain faithful and determined, the healing will, little by little, continue to rise to the top. And eventually the healing will be all that is left.



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Michael Priebe is a writer and wellness coach who has helped people from all over the world understand antidepressant withdrawal, benzodiazepine withdrawal, anxiety, stress, and healing. In coaching he has worked one-on-one with individuals from nearly twenty countries, and his Lovely Grind YouTube videos inspire thousands of viewers each month. He invites you to inquire about his coaching today to find the knowledge and inspiration needed to fuel your own wellness journey. 

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