130 Covid-19 Era Facts and Figures (Official and Almost-Official. Written from 2020 America)

(Numbers as of 5/19/20)

Percentage of American Population that has tested positive for the coronavirus: .0047%

Chances of full recovery if the virus is contracted: somewhere between 94 to 99.7%, depending on what numbers a person believes

Number of people living in America: 328,200,000

American deaths to date been attributed to coronavirus: About 91,000

Number of American Coronavirus deaths lockdown did not prevent: About 91,000

Percentage of American population that has died from coronavirus: 0.00027%

Life Expectancy for Americans: 78.6 years

Percentage of American deaths attributed to COVID-19 aged 75-plus: About 59% (CDC, through 5/10/20)

Percentage of American deaths attributed to COVID-19 aged 65 plus: 80% (CDC, through 5/10/20)

Percentage of world population that has died from coronavirus: 0.00004%

Percentage of news coverage devoted to the virus: Seems like 100 percent, but maybe as low as 80-90 percent (figures not “official,” but probably accurate)

Percentage of news media in America controlled by only six companies: 90 %

Percentage of hospitalized COVID-19 patients with preexisting condition: 90% (CDC)

Number of Americans who die each year from heart disease: about 650,000 (CDC, 2017)

Percentage of health clubs closed in “safer-at-home” states during lockdown: 100%

Percentage of fast food restaurants remaining open for take-out during lockdown: 100%

Number of Americans who die each year from causes related to cigarettes: about 480,000

Amount spent by tobacco companies marketing cigarettes and smokeless tobacco in America annually: $9.36 billion, or more than $1 million every hour (CDC, 2017)

Percentage of hospitalized COVID-19 patients who have obesity as the underlying health condition: 48%

Percentage of Americans who are obese: 40% (CDC)

Number of fast food restaurants in America: 198,000 (IBISWorldResearch)

Number of different flavors of Lay’s potato chips: 160 (insider.com)

Percentage of hospitalized COVID-19 patients who have hypertension as the underlying health condition: 49.7%

Percentage of government’s COVID-19 Education Campaign devoted to obesity and hypertension reduction measures: 0%

Global revenue of PepsiCo (which also owns Frito Lay): $67 Billion (Statista.com)

Percentage of schools closed in at least 48 states because of lockdowns: 100%

Average # of opportunities for a high school/college graduate to walk across the stage: 1

Number of colleges/universities unable to hold spring 2020 graduation ceremonies because of lockdowns: about 5,300

Number of high school seniors who weren’t given a May graduation ceremony due to lockdown: about 3,700,000 (National Center for Education Statistic Facts)

Percentage of public libraries closed in lockdown states: 100%

Amount of time Americans spend on their phones daily: 3 hours, 15 minutes (RescueTime)

Percentage of “main street” small business affected in lockdown states: 100%

Number of Small Businesses in U.S.: 30.2 million (fundera.cm)

Percentage of American businesses made up of small businesses: Over 99%

Number of small businesses that have already closed for good due to Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions: 100,000 (Washington Post)

Number of American Walmarts that have remained open during lockdown: About 4,752

Net worth of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos: $143 billion (he is projected to become world’s first trillionaire by 2026)

Number of Americans applying for unemployment since lockdown began: 36 million

Last time unemployment numbers in America were at this level: The Great Depression

Amount of stimulus check given to most Americans during pandemic: $1200

Average monthly salary of Congress members: $14,500 (fas.org)

Average monthly salary of American CEO’s: $1.2 million (2018, vox.com)

Hourly wage advertised for government contact tracers (no higher degree required): $20

Average hourly wage of Certified Nursing Assistant (essential employee): $12.59 (payscale.com)

Average hourly wage of grocery bagger (essential employee): $8.79 (payscale.com)

Federal minimum wage in 2020: $7.25

Amount of U.S. National Debt: $25,267,564,712,963 (5/17/20, concordcoalition.org)

Number of years it would take to pay off the U.S. Debt if government devoted $1 Billion per year to the cause: 25,267 years

Number of coronavirus “relief bills” passed so far in 2020: 4

Cost of those bills: About $3 Trillion

Proposed cost of current “Heroes Act” bill recently passed by House: $3 Trillion (NPR)

Percentage increase to total U.S. debt (incurred in 2 months) if Heroes Act and other coronavirus “relief bills” are not repaid or accounted for in budgets: 25%

Percentage of healthy Americans asked to self-quarantine in lockdown states: 100% (excluding essential workers)

Percentage of essential workers (healthcare, convenience-store clerks, grocery baggers, big box store workers, etc.) who have come into contact with other people each day during lockdown and then carried potential virus exposure into their homes: 100%

Percentage of churches that have been closed in lockdown states: 100%

Number of churches in America: About 350,000 (hartsem.edu)

Percentage of churches in America that are Christian: About 97% (hartsem.edu)

Percentage of MLB, NBA, and NCAA games cancelled since March 2020: 100%

Percentage of Americans dealing with anxiety strong enough to warrant “disorder” status: 18% (Anxiety and Depression Association of America)

Number of American adults who experience at least one depressive episode per year: 16 million (healthline.com)

Percentage of Americans who’ve said they’ll hit a “mental breaking point” if lockdowns continue into early June: 72% (Newsweek, Kelton Global)

Number of Americans who die each year from suicide: about 50,000 (WHO, 2018)

Estimated global market for antidepressants by 2023: $15.98 billion (Allied Market Research)

Percentage of global antidepressant market that North America constitutes: more than 50%, due in large part to recent increases in stress and anxiety (Allied Market Research)

Largest piece of global market for benzodiazepine medications (Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, etc.): North America

Number of Americans without health insurance: 27.5 million (2018, U.S. Census Bureau)

Deaths annually linked to no health insurance in U.S.: 45,000 (Sanigest Internacional)

Amount of money devoted to coronavirus testing from first four relief bills: $26 Billion (NPR)

Number of negative coronavirus tests conducted in America: About 10 million (CDC)

Amount of money devoted to coronavirus testing, contact tracing, and isolation measures in new Heroes Bill: $75 billion

Constitutional freedoms potentially restricted/threatened by government contact tracing: unlawful searches (4th Amendment), freedom to travel (9th amendment), right to privacy (9th amendment), freedom to assemble (1st amendment), right to make important decisions about healthcare and one’s own body (9th amendment)

Number of projected coronavirus deaths in America if present situation worsens by 500 Percent: 450,000

Number of abortions annually in America: between 650,000 - 850,000 (CDC & AGI figures)

Percentage of states that have made no call to restrict abortion procedures as “non-essential” during lockdown: 76% (countable.us)

Number of deaths annually in America due to Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia: 121,000 (CDC, 2017)

Percentage of deaths labeled COVID-19 that have come from nursing homes/long-term care facilities/memory-care facilities: Perhaps 33% (NY Times)

Additional Medicare Reimbursement Add-on given to healthcare/long-term care facilities for patients and deaths labeled COVID-19: 20%

Percentage of UK coronavirus deaths with serious pre-existing condition: 90% (Office for National Statistics, BBC)

Average additional number of illnesses found on death certificates of same UK sample of 40,000 individuals: 3

Percentage of Americans who receive a flu shot: 46.8 % (CDC, 2017)

Number of Americans who died last year from the flu: About 80,000 (CDC)

Number of Americans who died from Spanish Flu in 1918: 675,000

Number of “waves” in which the 1918 flu arrived: 2 (spring and fall)

Deadliest wave of Spanish Flu: fall

Years by which average American life expectancy decreased in 1918: 12 (history.org)

Percentage of 1918 Flu deaths in presumably healthy people aged 20-40: about 50%

Percentage of World Population infected with 1918 Spanish Flu: About 33%

Percentage of World Population testing positive for coronavirus: 0.0006%

Estimated Population of World in 2020: 8 Billion people

Date of simulated global pandemic exercise, Event 201, staged by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, WEF, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: October 2019

Date first case of coronavirus was identified in Wuhan, China: December 2019

Official date for first case of coronavirus in U.S.: January 2020

Actual date of first case of coronavirus in U.S. Unknown

Number of years normally required to develop and release a new vaccine: 10 to 15 (NY Department of Health)

Timetable being proposed for a coronavirus vaccine: 18 months

Amount paid by U.S. government to settle vaccination-injury lawsuits: $4 billion (ABC7NewYork)

Example of people for whom vaccines might be dangerous: those with compromised immune systems

Example of people who are especially worried about contracting coronavirus: those with compromised immune systems

Constitutional freedoms restricted or threatened by lockdown orders: freedom to travel (9th amendment), freedom to assemble (1st amendment), freedom to petition (1st amendment)

Percentage of American states that did not “lock down” that are Republican: 100%

Percentage of American states with harshest lockdown orders that are Democrat: 100%

Number of States where Supreme Court ruled Governor’s continued lockdown unconstitutional: 1

Number of relationships (family or friend) strained/broken because of disagreements related to the politicization of the coronavirus: To Be Determined

Percentage of these disagreements that have taken place via social media or otherwise virtually: About 95%* (*number unofficial)

Percentage of American economy that has been and will be affected for years by lockdown orders: 100 percent (because even though some businesses operate virtually or via systems permitted or unaffected by lockdowns, the effects of massive debt and unemployment assumed will be felt for years, perhaps decades)

Percentage of American households that have been affected by the mental/emotional-health strain and stress of either worrying about the virus or trying to make sense of and cope with lockdown orders: 98%* (*number unofficial)

Number of people who have given up on self-improvement goals because the coronavirus/lockdown situation felt too much like “doomsday”: To Be Determined

Opinions of Americans regarding lockdowns, motives of media/government, mass virus testing, contact tracing/ mass surveillance, wearing facemasks, etc.: Divided

Number of American soldiers who have died fighting for country: 1.1 million (pbs.org)

Number of Americans who died fighting against each other in the Civil War: (about 500,000, or nearly half of all American wartime deaths in history) (pbs.org)

Percentage of Americans who opposed the Revolutionary War in 1775: about 66% (ushistory.org)

Percent of American population that served in George Washington’s army: about 3%

Percentage of Americans who enjoy freedoms of the American Revolution: 100%

Percentage of present-day Americans (Republican, Democrat, urban, rural, young, old) who are guaranteed to live under the freedoms and within the frameworks outlined in the United States Constitution: 100%

Recovery regimen for majority of people with coronavirus: rest, stay hydrated

Percentage of people who should stay home if sick (whether with coronavirus, the flu, or some other contagious illness): 100 %

Percentage of people who need a government order to facilitate staying at home: 0%* (excluding employment complications—i.e., needing to go to into a workplace—which are often tied to the need for employer-sponsored health insurance)

Percentage of people who should wash hands often and otherwise practice good hygiene: 100%

Percentage of people who will die someday: 100%

Number of people who will live forever: 0

Percentage of people who ought to find God and get spiritual affairs in order before death occurs: 100%

Percentage of people who can take common-sense measures to increase their chances of survival if they do contract the coronavirus: 100% (And these measures include things such as: quitting smoking; losing weight to get to a healthy BMI; changing diet and reducing stress to improve hypertension; taking supplements and eating vegetables/fruits/nuts/fish to boost immune-system; and changing diet/lifestyle if currently at risk for or living with Type II diabetes)

Percentage of people who need some form of human contact to survive: 100 % (excluding sociopaths and a few writers)

Recommended social distancing measure: 6 feet

Depth of a traditional grave: 6 feet

Government-sponsored Mother’s Day message seen on a digital highway sign during lockdown: “Love Your Mother, from a Distance.”

Number of elderly and ill individuals who spent the last days of their life in isolation because of lockdowns: To Be Determined

Percentage of people who need laughter, fun, and hope to have a good life: 100% (excluding sociopaths and some politicians; note that these groups overlap at times)

Number of minutes we can add to our lives by worrying: 0

Percentage of us who can laugh, love, and live a healthier lifestyle today: 100%

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