When You Feel As If You're Falling ...

Have you ever felt as if the weight of your challenges would finally cause you to crumble? Have you ever felt as if your body—indeed your soul—no longer had the strength or perhaps the will to go on? Have you ever felt as if your mind would finally come unglued because of stress, illness, or neurotic inner chatter?

I know that I’ve been in such places, and many times in my life I’ve had to dig deep to find the personal resolve to move forward. But no one moves forward alone. Whether by leaning on God, family, friends, or the ideas and feedback of thoughtful coaches, therapists, or even authors, we all occasionally need support to keep us from sinking into the abyss or simply staying on the sidelines.

We all need something and usually someone to hold us up, hold us tight, and nudge us forward toward our better future.

Support is defined as “a thing (or person) that bears the weight of something or keeps it upright.” So if you are someone who happens to be going through a bit of a challenging time right now (and which of us hasn’t experienced a bit of that in 2020?), then I’ll ask you to think for a moment about the people, practices, faith, and ideas that you fall upon when hard times fall upon you. What or who immediately comes to mind?

And if nothing immediately comes to mind, where could you turn to find that necessary support?

When I was suffering through prescription drug withdrawal some years ago after quitting long-term Paxil and Xanax use, I was also going through a lot of other things: financial stresses, a lack of professional fulfillment, self-perception and self-esteem issues, and general confusion about where I was going in life. During that period of time, I leaned heavily on family, God, and a variety of books and ideas. These things were my support. They, along with my hope and vision for a better future, held me up when I felt as if I were about to crumble into a pile of dust and blow into the ether.

During some of that tumultuous time, my wife and I lived with two of my brothers as well as one of her sisters in a large fraternity house we were rehabbing. Perhaps I’ll write more about the adventures of that house more in the future (and there were plenty), but for today I’ll simply recall how I used to wander into my second-youngest brother’s room almost nightly to settle onto his couch and talk at length about my illness and all of the things that were bothering me.

Yes, it was kind of like therapy with me positioned on his couch beside his gas fireplace and unburdening myself. And since he was often one step ahead of me in his spiritual and psychological readings and in his fitness and personal-improvement quests, he was a great source of support and feedback.

Our talks were often heavy, but often the time together was lighthearted and silly, too, and the mix of humor and headiness sometimes made me feel like we were the Crane boys from that award-winning show Frazier. Those late-night conversations will forever live in my heart as something that kept me moving forward when I might otherwise not have, and that support was invaluable to me (as was support from my wife and the rest of my family).

Fast forward a number of years, and I’m the one providing much-needed support to others through my coaching sessions, which often focus on helping people survive and heal from prescription drug withdrawal involving antidepressant and benzodiazepine medications. In those sessions I listen, encourage, and offer thoughtful perspective and useful feedback to help others keep moving forward on their own better-health journeys. I strive to create a warm, welcoming environment that feels like the embodiment of the word “healing,” and I make sure to engage each person on an individual level, because although there are similarities in all of our stories and overlap in the paths we must take to get back up when knocked down, ultimately our personalities, our dreams, and our best futures are unique and must be approached as such.

We each have a success story that is waiting to be written. Whenever you feel as if yours is stalled, please find your support so that you can keep ink in the proverbial pen and continue moving forward with the next crucial chapters.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the first half of this year with me as I’ve focused on the healing and winning formula of E.G.G.S (Exercise, God, Goals, & Support). If you are interested in support in the form of coaching, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’ve enjoyed working with each and every one of the individuals I’ve had the privilege of calling a client (and friend), and I’d love to get to know you better, too.

You can feel free to message me here with questions, or you can visit www.lovelygrind.com/coaching to read additional client testimonials and get more details about my sessions.

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“Michael helped me in a way that no doctor or therapist has been able to! His personal experience combined with his optimistic, constructive input and guidance is priceless. I highly recommend his coaching sessions.” Shelly, Ohio

“I contacted Michael for coaching because he has the ultimate credential of having been through it all himself! I liked his warm, empathetic manner. He is easy to talk to, and I felt as if he were a family member in his warm caring toward me. Michael has a very reassuring way of communicating, and I would highly recommend him.”

Jon - British Columbia, Canada

“I came across Michael’s videos by chance while looking up information on prescription drug withdrawal. I found his YouTube videos to be very informative, honest, and consoling. I was watching one after the other and even converted the sound on the videos to MP3 so that I could listen to his advice while going for walks. That was very soothing for me, and therefore I decided to try his coaching services. Great decision.

Michael is a great and patient listener, and during our time together I felt that he sincerely cared about my healing progress and had genuine empathy for all those going through withdrawal. He is a positive-minded individual who disseminates hope, and I appreciated the useful, personalized follow-up notes he sent after our session. Most certainly I would recommend his coaching.”

Yasmin - Cairo, Egypt

“No one else is doing what Michael is doing. It truly is a ministry! Michael is willing to make himself vulnerable to help others during their journey in the valley. He is very easy to talk to (I felt like I had known him forever), and I would most definitely recommend his coaching to others.” Andi, North Carolina

“Michael has been through it. He knows how hard this journey is and has seen the light at the end of the tunnel. The fact that he is a “real person” who speaks [from a place of experience] is important. He has compassion and understanding and is very empathetic. His suggestions come from the heart, from a place of genuine concern. He’s also very flexible in his approach and works with what works best for you. Michael’s compassion and understanding can really help to paint a picture of the real withdrawal [and healing] experience, and I would absolutely, absolutely recommend his coaching to others.” Robin, Canada

“Michael’s coaching is truly a game-changing experience. I appreciate the level of understanding he brings … tons of knowledge on how to survive the days and get closer to recovery. When you finally get to look someone in the face and know they understand exactly what you’re going through, it can bring a different level of comfort; that is what Michael’s coaching provided me, and without a doubt I would recommend it to everyone going through this.” Alex – California

“I decided to use Michael’s coaching services because he seemed very genuine and trustworthy. After speaking with him a couple of times, I realized that I am strong enough to overcome certain obstacles, but also realized that I need not rush the process [of becoming medication free]. It was comforting talking to Michael about my withdrawal issues so that I could realize that what I’m going through is common, and it was also useful that Michael took the time to give me feedback in specific areas—like making a schedule and forming realistic expectations for myself. Michael gave me more useful feedback than a lot of mental health counselors I’ve had. Michael has helped me, and I hope he continues to help others. I would definitely recommend his coaching services.” Catherine – Virginia

“I learned a lot from Michael. At first I was so confused by withdrawal (wondering what I was going through and if I would be this way permanently), but Michael helped me to realize that we do heal and that things do get better. I had a lot of worries, but he helped to ease my mind and he gave me positive feedback regarding how to approach each day in this process. Michael has a caring heart, and I would 100 percent recommend his coaching to others going through this.” - Erikka, South Dakota

“It can be frustrating having to deal with [withdrawal] symptoms for months on end and getting next to no support from doctors or anyone in the medical community (people who for the most part are clueless). Simply getting a chance to speak with Michael—someone who has gone through what I have and is able to offer support—was comforting. I also really enjoyed his follow-up notes. They were insightful and helped me to consider things I hadn’t thought of. I very much enjoyed working with Michael, and I would recommend his coaching to anyone who is going through this process and looking for support.”

Kim, California

“Michael is relatable and non-judgemental. I liked his positivity and follow-up notes. He provided good support overall. I believe that if a person really wants to withdrawal from medication, then support like this, from someone who has personal experience, is invaluable, and for that reason I would recommend Michael’s coaching to others going through this process.”

Leanne – Ontario, Canada

Because of Michael’s own experiences, he knows what serves and what damages. He helped me to control my intake of negative information, he made me more optimistic, and he gave me a sense of the “whole [healing] picture.” Michael is a good listener and his comments are very precise. I would definitely recommend his coaching to others going through withdrawal. Miguel, Atlanta, GA

I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Michael and looked forward to each call. He is very easy to talk to and offers very good advice. Our conversations gave me hope and coping skills, and his follow-up notes and progress plan were very helpful; I reference them often to stay on track. I found it comforting talking to someone who has been through this and really understands the struggle. I now look at withdrawal as something that can be overcome, something that I can heal from. I felt very comfortable talking to Michael, and I would recommend his coaching services to others going through the withdrawal and healing process. Eric, Michigan

“I decided to try Michael’s coaching because, in his videos, he seemed so honest, relatable, upbeat, hopeful, and knowledgeable. I believe I got more out of Michael’s videos and coaching than I got from years of professional counseling. It is very comforting talking to him because it is like talking to a very knowledgeable, long-time, close friend. I have more hope for the future after talking to Michael, and that helps me to survive the times when I am feeling blue. I would recommend his coaching to those going through the withdrawal and healing process.”

John, Washington

“I really enjoyed the care that Michael put into every contact with me. I appreciate how he shared his own experiences, found out about my overall context, and made direct suggestions; it was so important to believe that I was not losing control of my mind and body and that I could carry on with living while going through the process. It was also helpful to set goals and a plan and check back in on these things. Michael’s coaching is very professional and authentic, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is going through the withdrawal and healing process.”

Emma, United Kingdom

“I always refer back to what Michael coached me on in the past regarding dealing with such times during the recovery and healing process. I enjoy working with Michael because he takes his time answering each of my questions in detail. Michael has true answers and guidance. It is comforting being coached by someone who understands my symptoms, and also Michael is a very compassionate person. I would definitely recommend his services to a person in need of help during the withdrawal process.”

Ram, AZ

“Prescription drug withdrawal is a very under-the-radar battle that SO many people face in silence with littler support or understanding. I decided to try Michael coaching services because I wanted to find someone who had gone through the withdrawal process to be my guide—to have empathy, and to coach me through supplementation recommendations, lifestyle change recommendations, and daily challenges. I also liked the fact that he incorporated a spiritual healing element to his approach.

Because of my conversations with Michael, I am more confident in my decisions and my long-term view on the [withdrawal and healing] process. He has been though withdrawal and spoken with people going through it, and that makes him a [unique] source of wisdom and experience. Michael’s positive attitude and outlook are comforting, and I would absolutely recommend his coaching to others who are going through this process.” James, MO

“I decided to try Michael’s coaching because I’d been watching his YouTube videos and felt like I could use some additional encouragement and a different perspective while my therapist was out on maternity leave. Because of my conversations with Michael I’ve felt further encouraged and supported; it’s nice to not feel so alone. Michael is patient and a good listener. I like his calm, empathetic approach, and I would recommend his coaching to others going through the withdrawal and healing process.”

Danielle, Maryland

“My conversations with Michael encouraged me. I enjoyed his transparency, intelligence, and kindness, and I would without question recommend his coaching services to others in this situation.” David, Washington D.C.

“It was a no brainer to contact Michael. I had noted a lot of positive comments from others who were familiar with his coaching sessions, and I was convinced that I would get some firsthand insight from him. The uncanny similarities of our recovery situations was really a morale boost for me, and I would definitely recommend Michael’s coaching to anyone on this pathway.”

Onyeka - Nigeria, West Africa

“I decided to try Michael’s coaching because I was looking for someone who went through what I’m going through and emerged stronger. Michael’s voice, whether it’s in his videos or through coaching, has always been a reasonable and reassuring one. He has tremendous insight about the inner workings of succeeding in this (not just about the mechanics of the process of withdrawal, which can be found in plenty of places online). Withdrawing from medication is one of the hardest things we can do, and mindset is the most important thing in this endeavor. Michael’s work provides valuable ideas about that side of the process, and I would recommend his coaching to others.”

Salem – United Arab Emirates

“I enjoy my coaching sessions with Michael because he is empathetic, compassionate, and a great listener. He is also very encouraging and motivating, and his follow-up notes are invaluable. I would absolutely recommend his services to anyone out there who is going through tapering or withdrawal.”

Brett, California

Read more at: www.lovelygrind.com/coaching

Michael Priebe is a writer and personal development coach who has studied psychology, literature, and print journalism. He holds a journalism degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he graduated with honors. and over the years he has used both fiction and nonfiction formats to write about health, sports, professional life, politics, relationships, and spiritual issues. He puts out a variety of spiritually inspiring content at The Lovely Grind, and he blogs about his life at www.michaelpriebewriter.com. He invites you to find out more about his life coaching here, and he hopes you'll reach out to him on Facebook and Twitter.

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If you or someone you know is struggling to survive the pain and confusion of prescription drug withdrawal or chronic stress, I would like to offer my coaching services. Stress can suck the joy out of life, and the withdrawal process can be challenging (I know from experience). However, with the proper tools and mindset, these things can be survived and even used for greater growth. If you or someone you care about is trying to quit antidepressant or benzodiazepine medications (or simply trying to reduce stress levels), please click here to email me about coaching options and availability.