It isn't always easy to stay motivated during a withdrawal & healing process.

It can be a challenge to remain inspired about your self-care and growth when the situation feels like hardship.

It can be difficult to maintain a healthy perspective when anxiety and symptoms try to distort reality.

It isn't always easy to stay motivated throughout the nonlinear ups and downs of the process, or to harness the positive energy needed to ensure your progress.

But is is necessary, and this course will help.

With 30 audio lessons, each accompanied by powerful journal prompts, Motivation for Healing is a unique and self-paced experience that will put your head and heart into the best place possible as you move forward in this important journey of yours.

Find the inspiration you need. Find the perspective you need. Find the tools you need.

Join Motivation for Healing today at a very special price.

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  • All 8 course modules unlocked (7 course modules, plus introduction)
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  • Access to interactively comment on lesson materials
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How can a person get inspired in this process? What foundational ideas make up a productive approach to healing, one that avoids traps & ensures growth. This module gets you started with the basics:

  • 8 inspiring audio lessons, with powerful journal prompts, all focused on:
  • Embracing transformation & new beginnings; tailoring an individualized healing approach; recognizing what can be controlled and what must be accepted in this process; assembling a healthy mental & emotional diet for yourself; and more.


Determination is your biggest asset in healing, so how can you maximize this truth, even during the toughest of times? This module will help, and includes:

  • 4 motivating audio lessons, with powerful journal prompts, all focused on:
  • Overcoming discouragement; working through anger (and using it to your advantage); realizing your strengths; staying in touch with your "whys" in healing; inviting Divine energy into your process; and more.


Fear, doubt, low self-esteem and second-guessing can all be stumbling blocks in healing. This module will help you to find confidence in your process, and includes:

  • 3 inspiring audio lessons, with thoughtful journal prompts, all focused on:
  • Finding reassurance in times of discouragement; applying the gentle and profound "ways of healing" in your situation; acknowledging and celebrating improvements; and more.



This module will help you to exchange fearful and self-critical thinking for a daily approach that is compassionate and encouraging. It includes:

  • 4 motivating audio lessons, with powerful journal prompts, all focused on:
  • Using logic and creativity to face challenges; finding positive coping strategies for anxious times; recognizing your strong value and unique gifts; overcoming perfectionism; building your best life; and more.


The effects of intense and chronic physiological stress reactions are harmful to both body and spirit. The lessons in this module will help you to reduce the intensity and frequency of anxiety/stress reactions to aid your healing. The module includes:

  • 3 calming lessons, with accompanying journal prompts, all focusing on:
  • Finding true solutions for anxiety; recognizing personal stress triggers (and solutions); understanding the power of exercise to reduce anxiety; cultivating a calm mindset; and more.




In order to progress in healing and life, we must first have faith that progress is possible.The lessons in this module focus on increasing your faith in healing and crafting positive visions of your future. Theย  module includes:

  • 4 powerful lessons, with thoughtful journal prompts, all focusing on:
  • Recognizing and acknowledging signs of healing and growth in your particular situation; getting in touch with the power of positive transformation; clearing the mind of "junk" such as regrets, ruminations, and worry; filling the mind and heart with positive reinforcement and encouragement; and more.


This module focuses on improving overall & lifelong wellness through goal-setting and mindsets that embrace creativity, balance, and soulfulness. This module includes:

  • 4 thoughtful audio lessons, with journal prompts, all focused on:
  • Working with rather than against yourself; utilizing your talents to contribute to the world (at home and at large); avoiding non-productive and stressful environments and patterns; embracing restoration time and proactively avoiding burnout; crafting a personal "mission statement"; and more.


I am a writer, a wellness coach, and the creator of The Lovely Grind YouTube channel and blog. I'm someone who has learned how to overcome anxiety and stress struggles, and I'm also someone who has conquered that great "mystery illness" of the 21st century - prescription drug withdrawal. After initially being prescribed Paxil and Xanax in college, I took those medications for more than a dozen years, finally deciding in my thirties to quit them in order to better my health picture and jumpstart other positive developments in life. What happened next was a real shock to me: I began to suffer from a cluster of strange symptoms that I would later come to know as SSRI withdrawal and benzodiazepine withdrawal.

After tapering and then stopping these medications, I was hit by physical illness and many bizzare mental and emotional symptoms. At times things seemed extremely frightening, confusing, and beyond hope (and doctors were no help to me). However, I was determined to move forward, I believed better things were ahead, and I had some powerful "whys" behind what I was doing, which is important.

With time and self-care I found healing and better wellness, and along the way I learned a lot about the how the power of hope and goals can lead to success.

Eventually I began talking about my story and then coaching others through their own healing & growth journeys.

I've now worked one-on-one with people from all over the world (read testimonials here), and my Motivation for Healing course takes ideas that have been helpful to others (and myself) and presents them to you in an easy-to-use format that will guide you, reassure you, inspire you, encourage you, and help you to find your own success.

I'm so glad that you found my website, and I can't wait to have you join me in this new Motivation for Healing course. I know that you'll find it extremely valuable. Let's get started today!

Melissa, United Kingdom

“Michael was the only person I could reach out to who had been through what I’m going through and totally understands how difficult it is. His delightful, calm, and encouraging manner was exactly what I needed. I enjoyed the wealth of information that Michael was able to share. He gave me valuable pointers to help me on my way."”

Erikka, South Dakota

“Michael has a caring heart, and I learned a lot from him. At first I was so confused by withdrawal (wondering what I was going through and if I would be this way permanently), but Michael helped me to realize that we do heal and that things do get better."

Salem, United Arab Emirates

"Michael’s voice has always been a reasonable and reassuring one. He has tremendous insight about the inner workings of succeeding in this. Withdrawing from medication is one of the hardest things we can do, and mindset is the most important thing in this endeavor. Michael’s work provides valuable ideas about that side of the process."

Shelly, Ohio

“Michael helped me in a way that no doctor or therapist has been able to! His personal experience combined with his optimistic, constructive input and guidance is priceless. I highly recommend him to anyone going through withdrawal.” 

Diane, Colorado

“I’d tried many different avenues throughout this experience—my doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist—but most were disappointing. I felt very alone in this process … and I decided to reach out to Michael after reading one of his articles online, which really resonated with me. Michael normalizes the experience. His approach is one that is less “alarming.” He focuses on simple, easy truths, and I would absolutely recommend him to others.”

Mark, North Carolina

“I found Michael’s videos to be very helpful and encouraging. He is very laid back, patient, and personable, and I appreciate the fact that he has gone through the same withdrawal and has wisdom to guide others in finding their own healing."

Kelly, Sicily

“Michael has great advice, and genuine warmth and care. He is a natural healer and a true inspiration to anyone going through this withdrawal process. After seeing his videos, I finally felt there was a light at the end of the tunnel—I could feel that radiating from him."

James, Missouri

“Because of … Michael, I am more confident in my decisions and my long-term view on the [withdrawal and healing] process. He has been though withdrawal and spoken with people going through it, and that makes him a [unique] source of wisdom and experience. Michael’s positive attitude and outlook are comforting, and I would absolutely recommend him to others who are going through this process.”

Jackie, Idaho

“Michael helped to push away the darkness and fear. His were the first positive messages I found regarding withdrawal, and they really spoke to me at a time when I needed it most. I now know I will find healing, and I don’t need to be afraid.”

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