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Mary, New Zeeland

“My sessions with Michael gave me advice, empathy, validation, and direction, and I would absolutely recommend his coaching to others.”

Ahmad, Saudi Arabia

“Michael is a great listener and great advisor. He is full of inspiration, and I would recommend his coaching to others.”

Melissa, United Kingdom

“Michael was the only person I could reach out to who had been through what I’m going through and totally understands how difficult it is. His delightful, calm, and encouraging manner was exactly what I needed."

Biljana, Washington State

“Michael is great to talk to, and I felt like we could talk forever during our sessions. He LISTENS well. He is attentive and very encouraging during sessions, and his notes are detailed and simply awesome."

Erin, Vermont

“Michael is such a great coach because of what he has had the courage to endure. He talks the talk because he’s walked the walk. He is kind, compassionate, and quite wise, and my fearful amygdala found safety in our work together."

Kelly, Sicily

“Michael has great advice, and genuine warmth and care. He is a natural healer and a true inspiration to anyone going through this withdrawal process."

Courtney, Minnessota

“I was so relieved and grateful to find Michael’s coaching program as I was looking for support titrating off my antidepressant. I enjoyed how easygoing Michael is, and I liked how he made me feel comforted and empowered to continue pushing forward. Maybe it is because we’re both from the Midwest, but I found his laid back and positive attitude to be so comforting while talking about something as deep and challenging as getting off of antidepressants.

 Doctors can only guess at this experience, so it really is a whole different ballgame when someone can encourage you who has personally known the emotional and physical symptoms. I would absolutely recommend Michael’s coaching to friends and family, and I already have!”

Andrew, Massachusetts

“I reached out to Michael about his coaching after seeing him on YouTube talking about his past struggles with panic attacks and the use of anxiety/depression medication. I was in the same boat, but I felt as if I was sinking whereas Michael seemed to have righted his ship. It was so good to talk to someone who had suffered through anxiety and had once found temporary relief in benzodiazepine medications, but ultimately decided to find a different path—one that took his mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing into his own hands.

If you are feeling lost and confused in the dark wilderness of anxiety, panic, or depression, I would recommend reaching out to Michael and telling him your story. He can help to point you in the direction of your own healthier and happier life.”

Emma, United Kingdom

"Our coaching sessions felt like they allowed me to follow in the footsteps of someone who was further down this road, someone who had come through the things I’m facing.

I really enjoyed the care that Michael put into every contact with me. I appreciate how he shared his own experiences, found out about my overall context, and made direct suggestions; it was so important to believe that I was not losing control of my mind and body and that I could carry on with living while going through the process. It was also helpful to set goals and a plan and check back in on these things.

Michael’s coaching is very professional and authentic, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is going through the withdrawal and healing process."

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Joyce, Pennsylvania

“Michael is warm, compassionate, and wise, and most importantly he knows this process from a firsthand perspective. I enjoyed many different things about working with Michael. He provided reassurance and direction, and his counsel opened up the door for hope and determination. Also, his summary notes were invaluable, as were the supporting spiritual resources he provided. I would absolutely recommend his coaching services with a resounding yes!”

Jon, British Columbia

“I contacted Michael for coaching because he has the ultimate credential of having been through it all himself! I liked his warm, empathetic manner. He is easy to talk to, and I felt as if he were a family member in his warm caring toward me. Michael has a very reassuring way of communicating, and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing withdrawal advice and coaching.”


Marie, New York

“Michael recognizes that every individual is different, so he doesn’t push any agenda. I feel that he really listened and really cared what I had to say. I like his holistic approach [to healing and wellness], which includes things such as diet, exercise, work/life balance, spirituality, etc., as tools for recovery. I also appreciate the fact that he shares his life experiences, which helps others to feel less alone in their struggles. I feel the service he provides is well worth the fee, and I would definitely recommend his coaching services to others without question.”

Tracy, California

“I reached out to Michael because, not only did he go through the withdrawal experience himself, but he was guided by his faith. That was very important to me, to speak with someone who had been though it and sought healing from something higher than himself. Michael is warm and friendly and speaks about this experience from many different angles. Whereas most people only address symptoms, he truly understands all aspect of what we are going through, and that is comforting. I would recommend Michael many times over.”

Roy, Indiana

“The easygoing way Michael has about him made it easy to open up and talk about what I am dealing with, and his devotionals, e-books, and other writings have been really helpful as well. Without question I would recommend Michael’s coaching. Talking with someone who understands your pain and hurt and can tell you from experience what to expect and that you will heal is powerful. This withdrawal experience is one of the most difficult things I’ve had to overcome in my life, and the power of feeling like someone is walking with you through it is worth every penny!”


Denise, Colorado

“I’d tried many different avenues throughout this experience—my doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist—but most were disappointing. I felt very alone in this process … and I decided to reach out to Michael after reading one of his articles online, which really resonated with me. It’s amazing how a few key words or phrases can change your outlook and perspective. Sometimes I feel like I’m such an anomaly and out of the realm of the real world, but Michael normalizes the experience. His approach is one that is less “alarming.” Michael focuses on simple, easy truths, and I would absolutely recommend his coaching to others.”

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J.W. Los Angeles

“I started working with Michael because I needed guidance through the benzo withdrawal process. Instead of seeking out a “regular” therapist, I sought out someone who specialized in the withdrawal process. Michael has been through it and could relate to my symptoms and experiences. Michael is great. I enjoy his insight, his positive demeanor, and his outlook. Our sessions are very calming and informative, and I always feel better, I feel relieved, after we’re through talking. I’m glad I sought out Michael, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone going through the withdrawal process.”

Carolina, California

“Michael is a force of nature. He’s amazing and his message should be spread far and wide. Not only did he overcome the suffering that can come with prescription drug withdrawal, but he then went on to courageously share his story to help others. He is one of the few voices in the withdrawal community that provides unwavering hope and inspiration. His videos, blog posts, and coaching gave me what I needed to make it through each day. He showed it was possible to heal, and I can’t thank him enough!”


Diane, Washington

“I was taking Sertaline for a couple of months but feeling emotionally numb. I was looking for ways to taper the medication and found The Lovely Grind on YouTube.  Michael is calm, attentive, and caring. He asks appropriate questions and follows-up after sessions with detailed emails. Because of his own experience, Michael is able to give me a heads-up regarding things I might expect during medication tapering, and that helps to lessen my fears. Michael’s faith in God is another important factor which contributes to the trust in our relationship. I am delighted to have Michael helping me in my journey, and I would recommend The Lovely Grind coaching to friends and family in a heartbeat.”

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Gerben, The Netherlands

“I was desperately looking for some help, so I browsed the Web. I found a lot of scary stuff, but then I came across Michael’s YouTube videos, which was where I finally found positive words. I enjoy working with Michael because he listens very well. People in withdrawal are a little panicky and need to talk about there symptoms and vent a bit, and Michael listens to every word. My sessions with Michael give me a good feeling and make me feel understood, and I would for sure recommend his coaching to others.”

Tom, United Kingdom

“I feel heard and validated [talking to Michael], and I have never really got that from a healthcare professional. I have also benefited from the messages Michael sends as a follow-up (after sessions); I find them insightful and often to the point. They provide a sense of feeling buoyed or lifted up somehow … like I’m doing the right things and going in the right direction to succeed in coming off meds. I would definitely recommend Michael’s services to others. I think that they are affordable, as I prioritize spending money on my wellbeing over anything else. If you value health and wellbeing, Michael’s coaching is worth it.”

Roisin, Ireland

“I decided to try Michael’s coaching because I found his YouTube videos when searching for answers about dealing with withdrawal. The videos are so impressive—especially when doctors don’t have the answers—the positivity and optimism in them makes people forget about symptoms for a while! I enjoyed my time with Michael because I was able to talk with someone who had experienced the situation I was going through. Michael’s positive approach to the subject matter made me feel more optimistic, and I would recommend his coaching to anyone who needs help.”