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  • The "Basics of Healing & Progress" videos & audio messages, which outline core ideas for moving forward toward healing and lifelong wellness.
  • My collection of "Positive Coping" videos & audio messages, which are a great "go-to" during tough times to ensure that coping is productive rather than destructive.
  • My recently discovered "Withdrawal Journal," which I will read and discuss section by section in the members' area. This might be one of the most valuable things I've ever shared! If you've ever wondered about how "normal" your withdrawal experience is, if you're looking for first-person insights about how to survive symptoms and keep moving forward toward healing and growth, then you're going to find these shares to be extremely helpful!
  • Taper Encouragement and Motivation video and audio messages.
  • My "Encouragement, Empowerment, & Inspiration" videos and audio messages, which are meant to "fill up your tank" when you are feeling weak or depleted.
  • The "Spiritual Connection & Growth" videos and audio messages, which are meant to tend specifically to the spiritual health portion of your wellness picture.
  • My collection of "Powerful Idea Meditations," which are meant to orient your thoughts in a manner that builds new and positive neural pathways.
  • My collection of "Audio Devotions for Withdrawal & Healing."
  • My collection of "Audio Devotions for Stress Relief & Personal Growth."
  • Members-only access to the Lovely Grind "Question & Answer Inbox," a feature where Support & Success members can submit questions or personal "shares" (improvements, coping & growth ideas, wellness tips, etc.) that I will then respond to and share with everyone through posts and videos as a part of regular "Inbox" content.  
  • Regularly updated content in all of the above categories and more, and exclusive members' only motivational posts.
  • Access to all new features and updates as they are released.
  • Early registration & discount for The Healing Mindset Course, a powerful self-paced learning & support experience for your healing journey.
  • Priority registration for any new products and group coaching and support sessions.

"I believe I got more out of Michael’s videos and coaching than I got from years of counseling."

John, Washington State

My Keys to Surviving & Moving Forward



Situations involving prescription drugs, withdrawal, mental & emotional wellness struggles, and healing can be stressful and confusing to say the least, so one of my aims is to help you simplify things. I want to help you better understand your situation and find the ideas you need to create your “own best healing and growth environment” on a weekly basis. Based on my own experience, the experiences of those of I’ve worked with, and the ever-expanding library of knowledge regarding natural wellness, I will share with you ideas about: symptoms and coping; productive healing approaches; anxiety, depression, & stress management; diet; exercise; the healing mindset; and more. Education brings healing and growth, and healing and growth create wisdom.


Positive Coping:

Fear and negativity are momentum killers in the healing and growth processes, but yet much of the content found online regarding withdrawal either creates anxiety or traps people in defeatist and pessimistic thinking. My goal is to give you the opposite. The mind and heart are like sponges in this process, absorbing the good or the bad and then affecting how you feel and how you heal. My approach is to provide you with positive, productive, soothing content that you can turn to on a regular basis when you need to cope with symptoms.


Support & Encouragement: 

We all need support, encouragement, and inspiration as we are looking to heal and make positive changes in our lives. We need to be lifted up and told it is okay to believe in ourselves and our future. My videos, audio meditations, community, and written resources are meant to be a 24/7 source of support & encouragement for you. The Support & Success Membership Area is a place where you can come to find mini-coaching sessions on demand, so to speak, any time of day or night. Whether it’s by watching a video that gives you taper motivation, listening to a an audio message that talks you through a bad morning, or finding wisdom and support in my community, I want the Lovely Grind Support & Success area to be among your “go-to’s” when you are feeling down or need to fill up the motivational tank.


Empowerment & Spiritual Growth:

Another major flaw that I see in many support/healing approaches is that they turn people into victims and make them feel perpetually angry, timid or weak rather than empowered. That, or they simply focus on surviving symptoms rather than seeing the bigger picture of cultivating true wellness and growing as a person, including spiritually. With a holistic and thoughtful approach, the healing process actually has many benefits that you can realize over time; among those benefits are the cultivation of greater personal wisdom, strength, and confidence. Also, great spiritual growth can occur, and a spiritual focus throughout the healing process will help to keep things in perspective and balanced. It is my goal to ensure that the content and community in my Support & Success Membership Area will help you to find empowerment and growth for as long as you continue to stick around.

"This level of support I have yet to find from doctors."

Chris, Florida