Embracing the Ways of Healing

anxiety mental health relaxation restoration Sep 26, 2022

The temperament of this world is often anxious, impatient, and restless—unable to be settled and unaccepting of self.

But the path of healing and true spiritual growth—one that I believe ties-in nicely with the quest to get off prescription medications—is a path that transcends the destructive ways of the world. It is one that is focused on finding true peace in God, one that is focused on truly caring for self, one that is okay with rest, and one that learns to love self to a greater extent and appreciate the “little things” in life rather than always needing “more, more, more.”

The ways of healing often run counter to the ways of the world. Don’t be confused by this.

The ways of healing often run counter to the ways of the world. What does that mean?

Well, for one it means that rest is okay. Whereas society and certain genetically inherited work ethics might suggest you always have to keep moving and striving, the ways of healing tell you that your body and mind need rest. There is no need to feel guilty about this. It is okay to have times of solitude, relaxation, and flat out doing little to nothing. These times are necessary.

I don’t know why we often feel so guilty for resting, but I know that as I was healing my wife often had to remind me: “If your body is telling you it needs rest, then give it rest.” (She comes from Argentina, by the way, where naps are encouraged).

Oh, okay, I’ll be okay with some rest then.

The ways of healing also say that you ought to be okay with being yourself.

The ways of the world tell us that we must always be comparing ourselves to others, and judging and labeling our thoughts and emotions.

But the ways of healing tell us to stop criticizing ourselves and buying into labels. Do you feel more anxious than others sometimes? That’s okay. Accept yourself and do what works to calm yourself.

Do you feel down sometimes? That’s okay. Don’t get scared by low moods, but instead find ways to soothe yourself and encourage yourself. Everyone has these moods. You will move through these moods, they aren’t forever.

Being human means feeling both highs and lows. The ways of healing accept this and seek ways to stay steady throughout.

The ways of the world tell us that we ought to always want more: bigger houses, newer cars, fancier trips, shinier gadgets, etc. But the ways of healing tell us that it is okay to simply appreciate what we have. Then we don’t have to work ourselves to death and stress ourselves to the point of sickness in order to “keep up with the Joneses.”

The world wants quick fixes, but healing tells us that finding true health and happiness can take time, and there is no “one size fits all” solution. The ways of healing demand a level of patience that the world doesn’t always understand.

Healing takes time for hobbies and exploration. It takes time to play an instrument or read or write. It celebrates individuality and creativity.

The ways of the world says that bodily appearance is king, but the ways of healing say that it is what is on the inside that counts.

The ways of healing prioritize spiritual health. The ways of the world say that we human beings are king, holding all the power and having all of the solutions, but the ways of healing are humble and remind us that God is above all. He holds strength when we are weak, and He has answers when the world does not.


Physical rest and fitness are important, but the ways of healing are about more—they are about mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well. They tend to all four aspects of wellness.

I guess the point of today’s message is this: be okay with the healing path you are walking right now. Don’t worry about what the rest of the world thinks or has to say about it. Don’t look on Facebook or Instagram and compare yourself to others. Is someone is encouraging you in what you are doing, then embrace that encouragement. But if someone is dragging you down by saying, in effect, “You aren’t in line with the ways of the world right now,” then ignore them.

In fact, if someone says, “You aren’t in line with the ways of the world,” then that is actually a compliment in my mind.

Keep doing what you need to do on a daily basis to cope and heal and find hope and comfort, and as always invite the Lord into your daily walk and ask Him to bless your path and your growth.

You are walking the path of life, the way of healing, and that is what matters. Keep at it! You are making progress.


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