The Secret Of Miracles

devotion faith professional life spiritual growth Jan 15, 2022
Today, maybe you feel as if you’re stuck in an impossible situation. Whether your troubles are financial, physical, emotional, or professional, maybe you have given up on the idea of a true solution.


Summary: One of the greatest ironies Jesus spoke was this: It takes faith to realize a miracle. What kind of faith have you been sending up into the heavens lately? When the skies above your are dark and frightening, are you doing your part to invite needed miracles into your life?


He (Jesus) said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.” Mark 5:34 NIV

And he (Jesus) did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith. Matthew 13:58 NIV


We can be downright stubborn in our desire for simplicity. Sometimes, we beat the nuances and magic out of life because we want the easy-to-understand, easy-to-deal-with, one-size-fits-most portion of existence.

Maybe you’ve seen examples of the human penchant for simplicity in your professional life. Have you ever been offended by your employer’s reluctance to look at people or situations individually? Rather than dealing with the complexities of human differences, employers might try to stuff everyone into the same package because that makes life simpler for them. If all employees are made to dress, talk, and think alike, then companies can avoid some complexities and complications. Simple can seem more manageable, but it can also push away true growth and understanding.

Or maybe you've seen the addiction to simplicity in your personal life. Do you have friends or family members who like to keep things "surface level" at all times, avoiding real conversations and interaction in favor of small talk or entertainment?

When Jesus came to this world, He twisted human logic upside down and pretty much every way around. His life and teachings challenged common assumptions that people held about their earthly situations and spiritual destinies. Jesus challenged simplistic logic in the name of true understanding.

Jesus often taught lessons in parables that had to be unwound. There is a lot of complex irony in the ministry of Jesus, and we need to have an open heart and a flexible mind to understand it all. He said that the meek are elevated, the poor are rich, and true power isn’t political. He said that if someone hits you, then you should offer the other cheek as well. He said that children often show more spiritual strength than adults. He said that people play a hand in their own miracles.

Did you catch that last part? Are you ready to transform your life by surrendering to one of the greatest ironies Jesus ever spoke? Are you ready to accept that it takes faith to realize miracles?

When we think of a miracle, we often think of something beyond our involvement reigning down uninvited from the heavens—and maybe that is why we sometimes feel so powerless in our lives—but Jesus said that miracles don’t just happen to us. He said that we are directly involved in miracles. More exactly, He said that our faith is involved in miracles. For example, when the apostle Peter believed in the power of Jesus, he was able to walk on water. However, as Peter’s faith faltered, he began to sink. Think about how Peter was involved in the success or failure of his own miracle.

And when Jesus healed a hemorrhaging woman as He walked among the village crowds, He told her, “Woman, your faith has healed you.” Jesus felt that woman’s faith transferred between the two of them as she touched His robe. That woman emanated something tangible that contributed to the success of her miracle. Are you emanating tangible faith?

Today, maybe you feel as if you’re stuck in an impossible situation. Whether your troubles are financial, physical, emotional, or professional, maybe you have given up on the idea of a true solution. Maybe you feel as if your problems are so unique that it would take a miracle to change things, but maybe you’ve stopped believing in miracles because you’ve been waiting for one without results. Today, stop simply waiting for a miracle and start creating one through faith. Ask God for enough faith to stop applying simplistic human logic to your situations.

Life isn’t simple, your problems aren’t simple, and thankfully God isn’t simple. Believe in the complex majesty of His power and of His love for you. Today, open your heart and mind to otherworldly possibilities. Pray for the miracles you need, and pray with the sort of faith that invites those miracles.


Prayer: Dear God, today I pray that you would strengthen my faith into the type of believing that contributes to miracles. I need healing for my pain, and I need a path to a better future. At times these things seem impossible, but impossible is a simple word. Today, I seek the extraordinary instead.

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