Staying Motivated (Even When It Seems Impossible)

Jun 23, 2024

Staying motivated isn’t always easy, is it? 

How many of us have begun a goal at one time or another only to see the plan fizzle in the face of difficulty or discouragement? 

I would be that each of us has, at one point or another.  

But this process you are in right now, this “goal” of continual healing and progress is too important to let fizzle. It isn’t just another goal to check off a yearly list. It’s something much bigger than that.  

It is about caring for your very life and being. That thought might seem intimidating at first, too heavy. But it can also be motivating.  

Let me explain.  

Last Friday we talked about the importance of believing that your efforts matter. Day in and day out, week in and week out, if you make the effort to care for yourself and reach toward that day or week’s goals, it always counts for something.  

And what does it count for?  

Making you stronger in self-confidence.  

Healing past emotional and psychological wounds.  

Growing you spiritually by binding you closer to God and His transcendent love and energy.  

Rebalancing the central nervous system and neurochemical systems of the body through nutrition, activity, and loving care.  

Making you stronger physically.  

Getting to know yourself better, so that you can flourish as the individual creation of God that you are.  

This is the overall goal here: to become more balanced, healthier, stronger, and more spiritually open.  

Now think of your weekly goals for this week. What are they? 

Maybe to avoid negative content, especially when feeling discouraged. 

Maybe to exercise or eat a healthy diet.  

Maybe to organize a room in the house so that it feels like a nurturing part of your daily healing environment. 

Maybe to spend more time outdoors in the sunshine.  

Maybe to journal and focus on healing from past trauma.  

Maybe to go on a trip with family and endure, even if not feeling great.  

Maybe to meditate on goals for the future and take notes about what you might do when feeling stronger.  

No matter what your goals, remember that they are all being done in the service of that greater overarching goal: the one about nurturing your very being. Your body, mind, and soul.  

Every little thing you do counts towards this, and that is why you can stay motivated.  

Your efforts aren’t empty, but powerful.  

Stay encouraged this week as you continue your journey of healing and growth. 


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