The Power of Positive Coping

Sep 09, 2023

In this video (LINK BELOW), I discuss the importance of positive coping, and how you can stay steady during those days when you are maybe feeling worse than you had hoped.

One of the frustrating hallmarks of antidepressant withdrawal healing and benzodiazepine withdrawal healing is a non-linear nature. This means that a person might be feeling great one day, but then not so great the next.

The process of healing is always moving a person forward, but within that upward trajectory, the way we feel from day to day or week to week can fluctuate.

So how does a person respond, in a positive manner, to a surprise period of feeling worse than expected?

The answer lies in proper coping methods.

First, we must accept that some days are for coping. At times, we will have to make the switch from "productive" to coping mode.

Then, we must see the coping process as productive in and of itself (i.e., aiding the big picture of healing), and focus on modes of coping that help rather than hinder progress.

Please enjoy the video. 


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Michael Priebe is a writer and wellness coach who has helped people from all over the world understand antidepressant withdrawal, benzodiazepine withdrawal, anxiety, stress, and healing. In coaching he has worked one-on-one with individuals from nearly twenty countries, and his Lovely Grind YouTube videos inspire thousands of viewers each month. He invites you to inquire about his coaching today to find the knowledge and inspiration needed to fuel your own wellness journey. 

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