The Power of Small & Consistent Steps

Jan 08, 2024
Antidepressant Withdrawal Healing Requires Patience and Consistency

It is so easy to become impatient with progress in the healing process. It is so easy to become fatigued from all of the hard work, tired from the roller coaster of ups-and-downs, and frustrated from the grind of it all.

As I’ve said before, it isn’t really the first steps in this journey that are the most difficult, it is often the ones that come a little farther down the path, when we are weary or finding it hard to sustain motivation.

I think that when a person is feeling impatient, one of the best things you can remember is this: “Every step forward, even if it is an inch at a time, is moving you ahead in healing.”

Many people in this world are either standing still—stuck in an unhealthy status quo—or actually going backwards in life, making a series of continually lazy or harmful choices that aren’t helping their health & wellness picture.

You, on the other hand, are making continual progress with each day that you stick with it.

Just by simply trying you are further ahead than many people! Remember this.

I’m not one to suggest that you should always be comparing yourself to others who are worse off to feel better about yourself, but once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to do a little healthy side-by-side.

For example, do you realize that there are many, many people out there in the world who are on multiple prescription drugs and not even thinking about getting off of them, no matter how obvious it is that the drugs aren’t helping anything and are in fact making things worse.

You, on the other hand, are either tapering a medication or moving forward after having completed a taper a while back already. This is progress!

You are committed to moving your life forward with fewer or no prescription medications. You are further ahead than so many people.

And did you also know that there are many, many people out there who are not even paying much attention to what they are eating, or if they are exercising?

Just take a look around at your local grocery store. See what some people have in their carts. They are full of sugary, processed packages and boxes that aren’t even real food!

Take a look around the next time you’re out in public, and see how many people are struggling to physically function because of poor health choices. It is a sad sight, especially because many people are creating their own health problems and they show no signs of awareness in this respect.

But you are aware of your health & wellness picture, committed to improving it, and you are diligently working to take a productive path.

I know from talking to many of you personally that you are committed to weekly goals.

You are working to make healthy diet choices, and you are working to make regular physical exercise a priority, even if it is just walking or biking a few times a week. This stuff is huge!

Each week that you watch what you eat—each week that you exercise—adds up.

And when it comes to mental & emotional health, so many people out there in the world are simply accustomed to putting unneeded stress on their systems, and unhealthy & junky ideas into their minds.

But you are working to reduce and manage stress, and to continually take in productive and uplifting content that feeds your soul and nourishes you as a human being. Keep at it. Trust me, you are moving yourself further ahead in healing and wellness just by paying attention to this stuff.

Each week is a contribution to your healing, and in the future you will feel the cumulative good effects of the healthy choices you are making and the hard work you are putting in now!

You are taking consistent steps forward. Keep at it.

These steps will pay off.


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