Trust Your Path in Healing

Apr 21, 2023

Sometimes it can seem so difficult to make decisions when we are walking the path of healing. We run through a million scenarios in our minds—overthinking—and then go back and forth and back and forth, fearful and hesitant to decide on even small matters.

One of the largest sources of internal stress in a healing situation can be that mental back and forth. Making decisions is difficult enough in the first place, but then we might doubt ourselves, second-guessing everything we do.

Are we eating the right things, drinking the right things, exercising and resting in the right ways?

Are we cutting the medications properly?

Was it the correct decision to begin a taper?

Was it the correct decision to finish one?

Are we on the path that is truly going to lead to our better future—to feeling better—or are we headed down a detour or dead end?

These are some of the thoughts that can take up way too much of our energy and mental space during healing—energy and mental space we frankly don’t have to spare at the time—and today I’d like to ask you to try a different approach.

Today, I’d like for you to simply trust that you are on the proper path.

If you are tapering a medication, even if it has been difficult, then trust that your decision to begin that journey was the correct one. You had your reasons for starting. Maybe make a list of what those are, and then keep moving forward with faith and determination.

And if you’re already off a medication and working to feel better, then trust that the things you are doing each week—when combined with more time—will lead to additional healing.

For example, if you are exercising, then trust that those workouts have a cumulative beneficial effect on how you will feel over time. If you are eating a certain way, then trust that those carefully planned meals also have a cumulative beneficial effect on how you feel over time.

Everyone in a withdrawal and healing situation fears, for one reason or another, that their situation is somehow too complex to find healing. Everyone!

I’ve heard it from hundreds of different people in hundreds of different situations. And I too had that fear.

I wondered if I’d was doomed because I’d gotten off medications too quickly. I wondered if I was able to actually survive without meds because of the anxiety “disorder” diagnoses I was given once upon a time.

I questioned a million different things, but ultimately I trusted that the path I was on was the one that would lead to healing.

If I took care of myself—my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self—then there was simply NO WAY I COULDN’T FEEL BETTER GIVEN MORE TIME.

I kept telling myself that there was nothing so broken in me that it wouldn’t heal with more time and self-care, and that is what I’m telling you today, too.

You’ll heal, with more time and self-care, you’ll heal. Set your resolve, find your support, and just keep walking your path.

Trust that you’re on the right path, and give yourself credit for taking your steps down that path each day.

That trust will give you confidence and peace of mind as you continue your healing journey.

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