The Power of One Good Thing

Jun 11, 2024

“Tell me one good thing!”

That was the command from my wife, once upon a time when I was sick to my core—I was suffering through withdrawal, depression, and personal difficulties.

The request from her was simple (again, more command than request), but to me it seemed impossible.

I couldn’t think of anything good in my life. Such was the bleak state of my mind and emotions at the time.

Now, I’ve told this story before—the one about me staring at the ceiling and telling my wife, “I just can’t think of anything good in life.”

But for some reason this incident sticks with me to this day, and I felt it was important to build upon to end this week in Support & Success.

Just be on the lookout for one good thing today. That is the strong suggestion.

No matter how difficult your situation might be, no matter how lousy or scared you might be feeling, you can find one good thing in your life if you take the time to look.

And then, when you find your One Good Thing, you can focus on it to help lift you through your day. And maybe you’ll find another.

Sometimes when we are feeling bleak and dark on the inside, the world looks bleak and dark on the outside.

But the inverse is also true.

If we can find one good thing outside of ourselves—something that is bright and peaceful, vibrant and hopeful, encouraging and uplifting—then that ray of light can penetrate our spirits and begin to break through the rough layers of depression or fear that are weighing on us internally.

What can you find today?

A kind word from someone? A smile?

Maybe an inspiring quote or thought that you read?

Maybe the carefree actions of a bird in flight or on a feeder, or the unconditional support of a child or spouse or pet.

Maybe a funny line from a movie, or maybe a few minutes spent in the sun and feeling the comforting presence of God in your day.

Find your One Good Thing.

Then do it again tomorrow.

Just as it is a choice to see the world though a lens of faith—it is a choice to be on the lookout for “everyday” miracles—it is also a choice to find the bright spots amidst any darkness.

They are there.

Be an active seeker of miracles in your life.

And be an active seeker of Good Things.

When you look for these things, you find them, and that in turn can give you the encouragement and peace you need to keep moving forward!

Have a blessed day,


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