How to Reach Your Goals This Year!

Jan 02, 2024
New Year's Goals are important when healing from antidepressant withdrawal and benzo withdrawal

The prospect of setting New Year's goals and making resolutions can seem daunting, but there is a simple progression to imagining and realizing growth goals, and that is what I discuss in this new video (The Three F's).

Even if a person is working through a healing process (such as antidepressant withdrawal or benzodiazepine withdrawal), goals are necessary, and I would in fact say they are especially important in such a situation.

Whether you goals are medication related (i.e., to taper medications, endure lingering withdrawal symptoms, or improve health & wellness after quitting medications) or you are eying up other sorts of dreams for the new year, I hope that this "3 F" progression will help you to envision how your goals can grow from wishing to actuality.

Please enjoy the video (link below).


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About the Author

Michael Priebe is a writer and wellness coach who has helped people from all over the world understand antidepressant withdrawal, benzodiazepine withdrawal, anxiety, stress, and healing. In coaching he has worked one-on-one with individuals from nearly twenty countries, and his Lovely Grind YouTube videos inspire thousands of viewers each month. He invites you to inquire about his coaching today to find the knowledge and inspiration needed to fuel your own wellness journey. 

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