Replay of My Mad In America Panel Appearance

Mar 26, 2024

Last year around this time I took part in an online withdrawal/success story panel hosted by Mad in America. During this event, myself and two other panelists (Brooke Siem and Gemma DeCosta) shared our withdrawal and healing stories, and also answered questions from a moderator and from the audience.

Some of you might have already tuned in to watch this event, but in case you haven't seen it yet, here is the replay:


If you are someone who is currently involved in the process of getting off prescription medications and working to find healing & increased wellness, then I think you’ll find some helpful information in the interview, as well as a good dose of necessary inspiration.

It is possible to get off these medications and move forward with life in a big way. I hope you find reassurance of that in what myself and the other panelists had to share.

Enjoy the video!


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