Rising Above Difficult Circumstances

Nov 28, 2023

It can be easy to get dragged down by difficult circumstances, can’t it?

Just as a superior sports team might “play down” to the level of an inferior opponent, too often in life we allow our circumstances to dictate our thoughts and behaviors and mood.

But what if we can instead focus on “rising above” the difficult circumstances, taking a high road no matter the difficulties of the day?

This is, in effect, what a person must aim for in healing.

At times thoughts will get dark or defeatist, we cannot allow these things to define our situation.

At times emotions will become murky and heavy; we cannot allow these emotions to dictate reality.

At times discouragement will come from outside sources; we cannot allow others to tell us what our situation is or isn’t.

We must know our truth and stay the course.

The difficulties of a withdrawal and the healing process are well-documented and well-known. I don’t have to rehash every single one for all of you.

Instead, I will focus on rising above the situation. Setting for yourself a course of action and a belief system that cannot be impeded by those difficulties.

The belief system should be some version of this:

I am on a path of healing.

I believe that God created my body and mind with miraculous healing capabilities that are unlocked and nurtured by time and my efforts.

With each day, a measure of healing is unlocked.

I have faith—faith that I am protected by God and on the proper path.

With more time, my path will become more clear and indeed easier.

I am on a path of healing.

And the course of action is simple, although it certainly seems complicated at times.

The course of action goes something like this:

Care for yourself and nurture yourself. Think well of yourself and what you are doing.

If you are in a taper, then move forward in that taper at a pace that works for you.

Don’t second guess what you are doing.

If you are done with a taper, don’t look back.

In any event, try to refrain from adding additional medications into the picture.

Focus on a path of natural wellness and continued, incremental improvement.

Stay close to God, exercise as you are able, and set small but productive goals for yourself.

Plan small moments of joy into your life, and appreciate the little things that aren’t little at all.

In times of challenge and darkness, cope and endure. Then as they pass, which they always do, brush yourself off and keep moving forward.

The end result goes something like this:

Nothing will trump determination in this process. Your persistence will always be rewarded.

With more time and your continued efforts to care for yourself, you will see additional healing.

It is easy to have your focus, indeed your hope, knocked into the dirt on the difficult days, but as much as possible resolve to “rise above” the situation.

You have a goal. You have a belief system. You have a path of healing, one that is moving you forward.

Just keep going.


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