The Two Great Hopes

Dec 27, 2023
In Withdrawal, a Person Is Looking for Hope

During difficult times, there is nothing a person needs more than hope.

During times of illness, whether it is our own or we are dealing with the sickness of a loved one, all we want is hope. An instant cure would be great, but just knowing that eventually improvement is possible is really what we need to hear.

And when the stresses pile up, one after another, or some unforeseen challenges or hardships plow their way into our lives, we can steel ourselves and run on adrenaline to handle the initial impact.

But to keep moving forward, we need to know there is hope.

Hope of the job situation improving. Hope of the relationship mending. Hope of the financial numbers taking a turn upward.

Hope of the illness healing.

Hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Just tell me there is the possibility of something better. Of improvement. Of happiness again. Of internal peace and stability. This is what we need to hear.

In coaching, I talk of focusing on the “two hopes.”

The first is the hope for healing—healing of the body, mind, and spirit. For those of us who have gone through difficulties related to medications, the hope of healing is, for a period of time, at the forefront of our desire.

We want the symptoms to lessen. We want strength and resiliency to return. We want mental clarity and peace to resume.

People often scour the internet—at times stumbling onto landmines of anxiety and dark quagmires of negativity—looking for stories that provide hope. And they are out there.

A withdrawal situation is not a terminal diagnosis or a lifelong prison sentence. It is a temporary period of adjustment, whereby the body and mind become incrementally more accustomed to doing their work with less medication and eventually with no medication.

It is a temporary period of healing and strengthening whereby the body and mind become more used to dealing with stress and anxiety in natural ways.

Ultimately, the healing process is a good thing. Although difficult at times, it is a beneficial process!

Be patient as this process continues to play out for you. And be encouraged.

Have hope! It is warranted!

But what is that second hope I talk about in coaching?

It is, really, the more important hope, because it is one that transcends all that we experience in this life. It is the hope of MORE, the hope of the life to come. It is the hope of spiritual salvation and eternal joy in the presence of the Creator.

It is the hope of salvation and eternal life in the presence of our loving God.

That is the second hope, and the one that really ought to be the focus of our attention as we move past Christmas and transition into a new year.

This life comes with disappointments, pains and challenges—some, like withdrawal, that will improve with time and effort. And others perhaps that are just a part of us carrying our individual crosses on this earth. Every time I think I have it hard in life, I see someone out in public—at the barbershop, in the grocery store, at the gym, at the bus stop—who has it so much harder.

Be grateful for the blessings God has given you in this life!

Rely on Him to see you through the challenges!

Continually pray for His healing hand to reach every recess of your deepest needs, day by day, and also look forward to the eternal kingdom of peace that will be yours and mine in the future.

This promise gives hope, even when the world seems hopeless.

This is what Christmas represents. Hope for all, in all circumstances.

As Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart for I have overcome the world.”

This week, focus on the two hopes.

Whenever you feel afraid, or discouraged, or lost, focus on the fact that you have two great hopes to carry you through.

There is the promise of a better tomorrow.

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